Christmas Fundraiser 2014

Tenderfeet Christmas Fundraiser

Imagine working so hard and so long and knowing that no matter how hard you strive you will never make ends meet.

Imagine it was the cost of a school uniform that was out of your reach – because it cost the equivalent of one month’s wages!

Imagine the feeling, when out of the blue, someone you had never met before gave you a gift – A gift that can make a real difference.

A Gift to give your child a genuine feeling of self-esteem.

A Gift that enabled them to be educated at a school full of caring teachers, wonderful facilities, and opportunity for the future?

You can give a gift like that this Christmas!

The sad fact is that a child in Kenya can’t legally attend school unless they are in full school uniform. At the same time, families of Tenderfeet children earn only $1 a day. This means a uniform costs as much as a month’s wages – making it impossible for most to purchase a proper uniform for their child.

Find out more about how you can help and how the kids at Tenderfeet will share with you a gift of their appreciation

This Christmas your generosity can give the gift that will make a real difference in a young person’s life, now and for years to come!

Shoes & Sweater
A Tenderfeet Kid can make a pair of shoes and sweater last most of the year – can you imagine convincing your kids they only need one pair of shoes and they don’t have to be Nike or Vans!
$25 for shoes & sweater
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Junior Uniform
These uniforms are for students under the age of 10. They take great pride in wearing a uniform and every day they will look after it and you will know you helped them feel proud to be at school.$40 for a junior uniform
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Senior Uniform
A Senior Uniform is for students over 10. They are very aware of their disadvantage and feel so proud to be as well dressed as well as their peers at other schools.
$50 for a senior uniform
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Outfit a family!
A donation of $120 will enable us to equip a family with two or more kids with uniforms and supplies.
Can you imagine the weight that takes off the shoulders of a single mother in Kibera!
$120 to help a family
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