Christmas Wishes Coming True

Click to donate to the Tenderfeet Christmas fund

Tenderfeet Christmas Tree at Crossbridge

In November, we announced that the Tenderfeet Christmas Fundraiser this year would be focused on school uniforms.

The quick update is that we’ve currently raised enough to purchase 65 of the 90 uniforms needed, which is tremendous progress!

To help us reach our goal of providing a brand new uniform for every one of the 90 students, please donate by clicking here.  It’s not too late to make this a Christmas to remember for all of the Tenderfeet children.

Each uniform is about $25, which includes sweater, shoes, pants, and shirt.  Even donations made after Christmas can be made to help us cross the finish line!

We always have to remember that school kids in Kenya must wear a school uniform, it is mandatory.  Also, we’ve learned that a new school uniform is about the best Christmas present that can be given to a needy Tenderfeet student.

As mentioned, the response so far from Tenderfeet friends has been nothing short of fantastic!  We’ve had donations come in from all over the world.

Every donation helps a great deal.  Even a donation of $5 will buy a new sweater for a child like Harold Karisa.

There have been some special fundraisers that have done a terrific job of raising awareness.

For instance, the Tenderfeet friends at Crossbridge Christian Church in Houston, Texas have set up a special Christmas tree (please see photo above right).

Each ornament on the tree represents a part of the uniform, and people from the church can then donate to pay for that particular item.

It’s a fun idea to visualize how donations will be used.  And what an effective way to teach our children about the true meaning of Christmas giving!

We’re forever indebted to Crossbridge for helping with this fundraiser, as well as each and every donor that has contributed to making this a Christmas all the Tenderfeet children will remember.

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