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Geographe Bushrangers on their big hike

Geographe Bushrangers on their big hike

Over the past several months, we’ve seen three groups of young people accomplish some amazing things on behalf of the Tenderfeet kids.

These are three groups in three continents, united by a common purpose to put the needs of others ahead of their own.

We want to share the story of each group, and since they all deserve to be listed first, I’ll have to list them in alphabetical order.

The Geographe Bushrangers of Busselton, Western Australia are a remarkable group of students who attend the Geographe Education Support Centre for developmentally disabled children.

These Geographe students are members of the Bushrangers, an organization similar to the Scouts in other countries.

This is the second fundraiser the group has done for Tenderfeet (read about the first one here).  Like the first one, this involved a hike to raise money for Tenderfeet.

The hike was not easy, but this group met the undertaking with their typical positive attitude.

The students have come through in a big way, and were able to raise several hundred dollars.  It’s so inspiring to see kids with their own challenges focusing instead on the challenges of other young people half a world away.

The second group we want to praise is Miss Dawn’s Sunday School class at Crossbridge Christian Church in Houston, Texas.

Miss Dawn's Sunday School Class

Miss Dawn's Sunday School Class

This class consists of youngsters under the age of 10 who have been bringing whatever money they can to raise money for the Tenderfeet kids.

Over a period of time, they were able to raise just about 100 dollars, which will go a long way in making sure the school has all the supplies and resources it needs to keep going strong.

It’s admirable that children so young can put aside their own needs and desires, to sacrifice in their own way for the sake of others their age.  Just like the boy in the Bible who had five loaves and two fishes, we see the contribution of young people be used to feed and assist many others.

River Crossings Youth heading out to rake some leaves as a fundraiser for Tenderfeet

River Crossings Youth heading out to rake some leaves as a fundraiser for Tenderfeet

Finally, last but most definitely not least, we have the Youth Group at River Crossings Church in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada.

This group decided that they would do a fundraiser that focused on raking leaves around the community.

It was a lot hard work, but through their efforts several hundred dollars were raised for the needy children of Tenderfeet.

When so many of their peers were no doubt relaxing or raking leaves for their own gain, these thoughtful young people put others first.

Their labor has ensured that many children of Tenderfeet will have access to food, learning, and love.

It’s a privilege to have these groups part of the Tenderfeet team, we can all be encouraged and motivated by their shining examples.

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