Help us to Break the Poverty Cycle for Kenyan Girls


Breaking the Poverty Cycle for Teenage Girls.

Living in the slums of Kibera and surrounding areas is hard for everyone, but its especially hard for young women.

Carol Ndirangu

Mama Margaret with Carol Ndirangu. Carol is only able to go to High School through sponsorship. Kipepeo is a program to help more girls like Carol

Early marriage and pregnancy, the daily possibility of rape or abuse, abandonment, and difficulties finding legitimate sources of income are part of everyday living for many teenage girls as they get caught up in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Kipepeo aims to cut through the cycle, and create a safe place for girls at this crucial point in their young lives.

Teenage girls in the program are given the opportunity to undertake further education either through boarding at a High School, or boarding at a quality Vocational School outside of the slum.

The program will began in 2011 with 5 girls selected to be part of the pilot program.

The program is managed on the ground by the team at Tenderfeet who have proven their ability to achieve results for children in the slums.

Making use of existing Tenderfeet resources and knowledge, the program is well supported at a grass roots level.

Your support for this program can help drive a wedge into the devastating cycle of poverty at a crucial point in these young girls’ lives. And if we break the cycle for these girls we have a greater chance they will break the cycle for their own children.

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