Lucy in 2009

One of my favorite young people in Kenya is 12 year old Lucy Muchoki (pictured here during my visit in 2007). Lucy is not a student of Tenderfeet, and instead we came to know her through the project Lahash had in Eldoret, Kenya.

Lucy has had a difficult life, a lot of it due to being paralyzed from the waist down. She has missed a lot of school because of her health and we were afraid she was going to die a few years ago, when she was in the hospital for over a month. Read more here. Her family was also in terrible danger during the riots but was fortunate to be unharmed and have since relocated to Nyahururu.

Despite all the challenges she’s faced, she is a fun-loving, sweet, and happy child. Thanks to some kind friends that have helped with the school fees, Lucy has been able to attend a very good school this past year in Nyahururu. Some of these same friends have sponsored her wheelchair and have been there finacially to help her to get critical medical care.

I spoke with Lucy today on the phone and she is excited and ready for the new school year to start on Thursday. She tells me her favorite subject is math and her least favorite subject is Swahili. Lucy got to spend Christmas with relatives in Nairobi and was thankful for that.

She is making good progress in school and works hard to improve. It’s been tough because of all the school she missed in the past, but her wonderful spirit keeps her always moving forward.

I’m looking forward to visiting Lucy and so many of the other great kids in our program. I’ll be visiting in a few weeks and will certainly be posting new photos when I get back.


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