Middle Schoolers Put the “Fun” in Fundraising

Spillane is a large Middle School for 6th-8th graders in northwest Houston, Texas.

The 6th graders (ages 11 and 12) at Spillane all take a World Cultures class, where students learn — many for the first time — about the economic challenges of other countries.

Mr. Ross Flood is a World Cultures teacher at Spillane who was very impressed by the interest and concern shown by his students as the material on poverty was covered.

Spillane Principal Mr. Kinninger, Bianca, and Mr. Flood present the check to Tenderfeet

Spillane Principal Mr. Kinninger, Bianca, and Mr. Flood present the check to Tenderfeet

He found his students motivated to get involved helping needy children, and before he knew it, a club was formed to do just that.

Mr. Flood, as the sponsor of the club, wanted to find a project that might be a good fit for what the club wanted to do.

He had heard about Tenderfeet and contacted me to give a presentation to his group.

Spillane Middle School

Spillane Middle School is a big school with a big heart

I gave a slideshow providing an overview of Kenya, the problems of child poverty in the Kenyan slums, and how Tenderfeet tries to address these problems.

Soon thereafter, I heard from Mr. Flood that they were going to do a fundraiser to help the school.

One of his students, Bianca Lugo, had a wonderful idea, which she shared with Mr. Flood.

After getting permission from the Spillane administration, Bianca’s idea was that the money would be raised by having Spillane kids wear hats. Normally, hats are not allowed inside the school.

But on a particular Friday, the students would wear a hat if they paid a “fine”. ¬†Students got to break the rules for a good cause.

The “hat fine” money was collected and designated for Tenderfeet.

Altogether, over $200 was raised, which will help immensely.

This fundraiser is a bit similar to a uniform fundraiser help a few years ago by students in Australia. It just goes to show that great minds think alike.

What a fun and interesting way to help children in need!

Please see the photo above of Spillane Principal Gary Kinninger, Bianca, and Mr. Flood showing.  Thanks again Spillane Middle School!

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