Tenderfeet Australia Inc.

Inspired by the good works being done by the Tenderfeet Education Centre in Kenya a group of Aussies, from the beautiful South West of Western Australia, have come together over the last few years to help make a difference

As the ground swell of support grew, it was decided that it was time to start an Australian Charity and Tenderfeet Australia Inc. was born in 2011.As well as supporting the Tenderfeet Education Centre, Tenderfeet Australia will have a special focus on the Kipepeo programme enabling teenage girls to continue into secondary education in safe, nurturing educational environments.

Mama Margaret’s powerful work has now inspired people half a world away, and the Tenderfeet ideal is something that all board members and local supporters are proud to be involved with.

Tenderfeet Australia is a volunteer association with no paid positions. 100% of all donations go directly to Tenderfeet Education Centre and the Kipepeo programme.

Want to hold your own fundraiser to help the Kids of Kibera?

A great way for Aussies to help us to help the Tenderfeet Kids visit our mycause site where you can create your own online Fundraising Page for  your next challenge, event, celebration or tribute. All your donors can leave messages and will be receipted immediately. It’s easy and an awesome way to get involved

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Tenderfeet Australia Incorporated is a registered Charity in Western Australia

ABN: 34 832 953 245     License No: 21282