Physical Education is Fun and Fulfilling

One of the most special times of every day is when they classes go outside for Physical Education (PE).

Older children learn balance

Older children learn balance through hopping on one leg

The teachers are very creative in finding games and activities that are both fun and worthwhile.

For instance, one day a class may use equipment like soccer balls,  another day it may be a parachute, or another time it could be jump ropes.

Students are expected to participate and get a robust cardiovascular workout.

These activities are particularly important when you consider how limited open space is in the slums.  There are no parks or playgrounds where the children live.

Therefore, the spacious campus at Tenderfeet gives children an opportunity that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

At Tenderfeet, children get to run freely, to play games that take a lot of room, and to move around without worrying about the obstacles that exist in the slum.

These obstacles include dangerous trash and waste, sharp edges or iron sheet buildings, and potholes everywhere that can twist ankles and cause falls.

Kids also learn important social skills, including cooperation, teamwork, and taking turns.

While learning in the classroom is the main goal at Tenderfeet, the PE program is an important complement to learning from books that can have a major impact on the children’s development.

Kids play keep away with the ball

Kids play keep away with the ball

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