Profile: Moses Murigi

Murigi is a 5 year old orphan boy who grew up in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. His mother and father died when he was little. Moses has an older brother named Brown and an older sister named Faith. Brown and Faith both went to a school for needy children called Tenderfeet. Almost all schools in Kenya cost money that Moses‘ family could not afford, but Tenderfeet is free.

When he became old enough to start at Tenderfeet in January 2007, he started going, too. Moses, together with siblings and cousins, all lived in a tiny shack and were raised by their Grandmother. He grew up in a home without running water, a bathroom, trash pickup, electricity, or any of the conveniences that most of us are used to.

In January of 2008, riots broke out all across Kenya, especially in Kibera where Moses lived. All of the people from the Kikuyu group became targets for the angry rioters, which sadly included Moses and his family. The little shack he lived in was burned down, along with everything he owned. His family barely escaped alive, and lived outside for many days in a camp for families like his.

With the help of Tenderfeet, Moses and his family got food supplies. The Tenderfeet team helped Moses‘ family find a safe place to live, and now they live in a new area called Riruta where Moses still goes to school at Tenderfeet. He is learning the important basics like reading, writing, and math which will be the key to him doing well in the next levels of his learning.

In Kenya, life is very hard for orphans like Moses. Most are not able to go to school and will grow up without the education that is needed to escape a life of poverty. Because of generous Tenderfeet donors in Australia, England, and many other countries, Moses has a great chance at a brighter future.

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