The Big Event

The event that every Tenderfeet student looks forward to every year comes right at the beginning of December.

This event is the annual Christmas and Graduation Banquet.

Since the school year ends in December, this is a time both to celebrate the holiday season as well as recognize the significance that comes with conclusion of the school year.

Children enjoy the wonderful meal

Children enjoy the wonderful meal

The banquet has been sponsored for several years by our dear friends at Cornerstone United Methodist Church, in Houston, Texas.

The children of Tenderfeet are so grateful to the kindhearted people of Cornerstone for the banquet.

Although having the banquet is a bit of a luxury for a school that’s on a shoestring budget, we are able to hold it every year through the sponsorship.

The banquet serves several purposes.  First, it’s a lot of fun for the kids as they have a delicious feast as well as perform songs and dramas for guardians and classmates.

Second, it’s an opportunity for the teachers and staff to show their love for the kids by recognizing each and every one of the kids with an award of some kind.

Whether it be “nicest girl in the class”, “most improved in mathematics”, or “best jumper” — every child gets an award, and it’s a very exciting moment for them.

Finally, it’s a chance to bring closure to the school year by highlighting the accomplishments of the students and school.

In particular, those who are moving to the next big level wear caps and gowns and go through a “graduation” ceremony.

For instance, the students who are leaving pre-primary and entering first grade are given a certificate and get cheered by the whole school.

Thank you again to Cornerstone for making this terrific event possible!

Tenderfeet students moving on to the next level

Tenderfeet students moving on to the next level

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